After You.
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Love is friendship that has caught fire.
It is quiet understand, mutual,
confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is
loyalty through good and bad times. It
settles for less than perfection and 
makes allowances for human

*     *     *     *    *     *     *

College was the time where we all crazy about finding love, while we have more time and places to to travel, where we meet new people.
           I remember when we first met and how we become friends. We are so close that everyone thought we were together. We would admit that we were together everytime when people ask us
           “ Are you guys together ? “
           “ Both of you look good together “
           “ Are you sure you guys are just friends ? “
How we end up together ? We were at Mils’s halloween party and I get so drunk and the alcohol took over me and.... 
          “ I like you. I always does. No.. I don’t like you. I love you. You know? I am the most happiest girl in the world when they say we are together, but then, I know how you feels towards me, so I kept quite. “
And the next thing I know I was on his lap in his room with him looking at me. I know something bad had happen and I expected him to get mad or worst, but, in fact, he kissed me. Thats the beginning of our story.
          Months passes and we were so happy untill one day when he decided to go on with his own path.
            “ We should take a break” he said.
            “ We aren’t suitable for each other baby. “ he continues.
   With my trembling and shaking voice I ask him why and he said
           “ I never had these feeling towards you. I tried. But the feelings just unmutual. I’m sorry.”
         “ Why would you date me in the first place ?!”
         “ I don’t wanna you to feel awkward or sad for me not accepting you.”
That sentence hit me like a bullet. I can’t believe it. The guy who I’m deeply in love never had the same feeling like I do.
                                        *     *     *     *     *     *     *
I’ve been hurt before but not as hurt as how he did.
         After a week after we broke up, I got a news that his in a relationship with some freshman in our school. Again. I felt betrayed. After I wasted my time and effort for him, he dumped me like that.
         Senior year end and I finally got into college. I managed to get over him. I managed to build back my strength. I managed to achieve what I want.

         It is indeed because of you. Because, after you, I learnt.

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People nowadays will laugh at anything that they think funny. Including me. Hehe.. I found a picture with something that had a great meaning. Its said about how our self react when something cames up.
We cried over for the samething over and over again. Its true. But, why did we stop laughing after hearing the same joke over and over again ? While we can't stop crying for the same thing. Thats the life that we've been living in.
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